JUVENTUS WON ON PENALTY: The Italian derby attracted the attention of the fans

The best European clubs continued their preparations ahead of the start of the new season, and the matches they play attract a lot of attention from fans despite being friendly. In this match Juventus defeated Milan.

One of such matches was the one that took place between Milan and Juventus – the eternal rivals of the Italian league.
That match was played far from the Apennine Peninsula, in California, where even after 90 minutes the winner of the match was not decided.

The Rossoneri led on two occasions with goals from Thiaw and Giroud, but the opponent managed to punish both goals.

Both coaches changed the entire lineup of the team in the second half, but by the end of the game there were no more goals, so shots from 11 meters had to decide the winner.

The winner at the end of the match were the players of the “Black lady”.

This match is important for both teams who will be fighting for the Serie A title from September.

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