Javier Tebas: Barça must release money for the Pole

Barcelona does not have money in the budget, the president of the Primera La Liga, Javier Tebas, was clear – they cannot sign Robert Lewandowski.

Europe’s top scorer, Lewandowski, confused the whole world by saying that he “finished his career at Bayern”. Even though he has a contract for one more year, he had concluded a transfer deal with Barcelona, which caused great controversy. That’s Why Tebas spoke up.

“In Barcelona, ​​they know what they need to do, they know our economic rules and their financial situation. I don’t know if they will sell De Jong, Pedri or Perez to free up money in the budget. I only know that Barça has had a lot of accumulated losses in recent years, so today they cannot sign Lewandowski. Real, for example, filled the gap in the budget, Barça did not “, said Tebas.

Barça is trying to offer 35 million euros in compensation. However, Munich is currently angry at the Pole, believing that trust is a two-way street and that the statement that he ended up with the club is above all unprofessional and irresponsible.

Bayern is one of the most stable sports clubs in the world, it can afford to leave Lewandowski for another season and not earn a single euro on it. Accordingly, we will see how the fame with the Pole will end.

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