INTER: Lukaku will only stay if three conditions are met

Chelsea-owned striker Romelu Lukaku could stay at Inter next season, but only if three different conditions are met.

According to “Gazette dello Sport”, three conditions must be met in order for Romel to stay at Inter.

The first of the three conditions is that the new Chelsea coach, whoever he may be, has no intention of keeping Lukaku. The second is for Inter to secure participation in the Champions League next season, which is still in the balance with regard to the Serie A table. And the third, last condition is for Chelsea to agree to a lower sale price or a new loan for Lukaku, who would also have to agree. on a reduced salary.

In the end, notes “Gazzetta”, Inter will also ask Chelsea to agree a free loan for Romelo, and not a paid loan as the striker was this season, and if the Blues do not accept this condition, it is unlikely that he will be again at the start of the next campaign.

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