Mason Greenwood considering national team switch?

Manchester United’s footballer, Mason Greenwood, has only played one match for the England national team so far but now reportedly seeks to switch national allegiance.

Greenwood made his sole appearance for England in the UEFA Nations League against Iceland in 2020. According to FIFA rules, a player can switch national teams if they have played fewer than three matches for their current country by the age of 21 and have not represented them in the last three years. Therefore, Mason is eligible to switch, with Jamaica being a potential option due to his father’s nationality.

Jamaica’s national team coach, Halgrimson, expressed his interest in having Greenwood join the squad, stating, “Like all coaches, I would love to have the best players in my team, but it’s up to him whether he wants that. This decision rests with the Jamaican Football Federation, not the coach.”

Greenwood faced allegations of attempted rape, leading to his suspension from football. However, the charges were dismissed, and he returned to the sport, currently playing on loan for Hetafe. It’s likely he won’t return to Manchester United, having scored seven goals and registered five assists for Hetafe.

As Greenwood considers his international future, his potential switch to Jamaica adds another layer to his evolving football career. Stay tuned for further developments on this intriguing story.

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