GORETZKA CRITICIZED QATAR: This is how the German criticized the host of the World Cup!

Qatar is criticized by many for its workers’ rights and strict laws. The Danes have one of the more radical attitudes reflected in the black jerseys they will wear in Doha. New in the line of critics is Leon Goretzka.

The Bayern Munich and German national team player admitted that he does not like the idea of ​​the World Cup being played in Qatar.

– Personally, I would like to play the World Cup in another country at the height of my career. It is a big mistake that the degree of respect for human rights in that country is not included as a criterion for the allocation of households – said Goretzka.

Goretzka was also ironic when asked how it was possible for Qatar to organize such a competition.

I am not sure that they won because of the tradition and football history of that country.

It is interesting that his club Bayern Munich wears the “Qatar Airways” logo on their jerseys.

– It is true that we wear the Qatar logo on our jerseys. I think the contract expires next year. I am quite sure that the club will do so in the interest of the club and all its members.

Finally, Goretzka points out that he and his teammates will convey a message at the World Cup.

I want to use the big stage, my status. Our task will be to use the global attention that exists in a tournament like this to convey the values ​​we care about – not just what Qatar cares about. You will see. I can assure you that we will do everything to make it happen. Our message must be clear and visible – concluded the representative of Germany.

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