JOURNALISTS ARE ANGRY ON CITY'S COACH: Alright, but bring Klopp, Salah, and Mane …

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola has made it clear what his team will look like in today’s derby against Manchester United.

Today, one of the biggest city derbies in the world is on the program. The “red devils” welcome the “citizens” on their field.

Considering that Manchester United did not make a name for themselves in the big derbies this season, especially when it comes to the game against Liverpool that ended 5-0.

Reporters wondered if Manchester City would take over the game template from Liverpool for the game at Old Trafford.

  • Of course, we won’t play like that. We can’t play like Liverpool. We have a different quality. Different players. Football is not ‘copy and paste’ – said Pep Guardiola and immediately added:
  • Actually, City can play like that, but then you have to bring Klopp here and with him Salah and Mane.

Who will win tonight, United or City?

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