FIFA Cracks Down on Unqualified Football Agents

The world of football is no stranger to controversy, and agents and intermediaries often find themselves at the center of it. To increase transparency and accountability in the transfer business, FIFA has implemented a new test that all agents must pass to receive an official license. However, almost half of the agents who took the test failed.

FIFA’s decision to raise the standards for agents comes after many clubs have been forced to pay exorbitant fees to secure a player’s services. In an effort to combat this issue, all agents must now pass the test to receive an official license from the World Football Association.

Out of the 3,800 agents who took the test, almost 2,000 failed. Those who failed and are complaining about the test being “too difficult” now face a potential ban from participating in the transfer business. Last year, agents earned about $623 million in commissions, up 24 percent from 2021.

The transition period before the obligation to use licensed football agents goes into effect will last until October 1. FIFA’s new policy is a step towards more transparency in the transfer business and will hopefully lead to fairer and more equitable deals for players and clubs alike.

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