FAN LEAVES EVERYTHING TO NEYMAR: I don't want the government and relatives to get hold of everything

The unnamed Brazilian and Neymar fan left everything he has to this footballer in his will.

This fan explained this decision by comparing himself to Paris Saint-Germain football player.

“I like Neymar. I identify with him. I also have a problem because they slander me. And I’m attached to my family, and his relationship with my father reminds me of my relationship with my father who passed away,” said the ardent fan to the local Brazilian media.

This 30-year-old added that he is in poor health and has no one to leave everything he has: “I don’t want the government and relatives with whom I disagree to get hold of everything.”

The Brazilian tried several times to leave his entire property to the football player, but he did not succeed. Now he listened to the advice and wrote a will in which he left everything to the Brazilian national team player.

The fan did not reveal how valuable the property was, but that is certainly less important to Neyar considering that he owns property worth around 85 million dollars.

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