DRAXLER: Money is the reason for coming to Qatar

Formerly the most talented soccer player in Germany, Julian Draxler, joined Al Ahli from Qatar this summer from Paris Saint-Germain.

With this move, the young footballer almost certainly closed the door to Germany, however, this did not prevent him from leaving Europe.

“After 12 years in Europe, I want to get to know a new culture, gain new experience and participate in an interesting project to promote Arab football. However, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that money is the main reason for going to Qatar.” said Draxler.

The player of Schalke, Wolfsburg, PSG and Benfica believes that the quality of football in that part of the world is not as weak as people think.

“There are certain misconceptions. Believe that there are teams that can match European teams.” concluded the German.

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