PSG player Julian Draxler changed his mind after a month and agreed to move to Qatar.

At first he refused an invitation from Al Ahli, but now he agreed, which suits PSG because they tried to get rid of this expensively paid player who did not live up to expectations.

PSG will receive 20 million euros from the transfer of Draxler, even though this German winger was neglected in the club because no one had him in their plans.
PSG also earned 45 million euros from Verratti’s transfer these days.

The Qataris are the owners of the club from Paris and the leading people of the country pulled ties with the clubs in order to facilitate the functioning of PSG, which artificially inflates the budget.

Julian Draxler was once the greatest talent while he was at Schalke, and later he moved from Wolfsburg to PSG for 42 million euros, where he spent seven years but did not show anything as expected.


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