Osman Bukari, the scorer of the only goal for Red Star at the Etihad against the European champions, summed up his impressions after the game.

Bukari scored a goal at the end of the first half for a shocking 0:1 after the first 45 minutes.

“I knew the goal was legal, however, the decision of the VAR room was awaited. I felt a lot of pressure at that moment, although I was convinced that the referee would point to the center. I guessed, we were expected to keep the advantage in the continuation, although the pressure from Manchester City was great, even to the goal.” Osman said.

Even after the game, his facial expression was satisfied when his goal was mentioned.

“Everything is possible in life. It takes faith in what you are doing. I’ve been waiting for this moment in my career and I finally deserved it to happen, that’s why I’m happy.” Osman concluded.


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