This is the Brazilian team that will attack Serbia!

We are only two days away from the long-awaited duel between Serbia and Brazil in Qatar.

Dragan Stojković’s line-up is already more or less known, and today there was exclusive information from the well-informed “Globe”, which revealed the team that will play against the “Eagles“.

As the well-informed Brazilian newspaper reports, the coach has already made a decision and revealed to the players his plan for the duel with Serbia.

It is expected that they will attack Serbia with the following 11 players:

Allison – Alex Sandro, Silva, Marquinhos, Danilo – Casemiro, Paquet, Vinicius, Rafinha – Neymar, Richarlison.

It is clear that an incredibly difficult task awaits Serbia against one of the favorites to win the Goddess in Qatar, but Pixi announced 10 days before this duel that he already knows the first 11 that the coach will decide on.

Serbia and Brazil will play on Thursday, November 24, at 8 p.m.

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