BONUCCI WANTS TO GO: Juventus is again without a stopper

Leonardo Bonucci, the player of the “old lady” from Turin, is at the exit door of the club, according to the Italian media.

Juventus will face a difficult period because, due to the penalty and point deduction, they will play in the Conference League instead of the Champions League. One of the footballers who wants to leave the club is Leonardo Bonucci.

He already left the team from Turin once, when in 2017 he went to the ranks of bitter rival, Milan. Admittedly, that adventure lasted only one year, but the fans of Juventus did not forget it.

In the next five years, he led Juventus to two titles in Serie A, but his games faded over time, as did his influence on the team.

Bonucci is 36 years old and plays as a stopper, and it remains to be seen what options are available to him, considering that he wants a new challenge in his career.

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