Boca Juniors has the largest fan base in the world

The Argentine club Boca Juniors celebrated its 117th birthday on April 3, and almost at the same time won the 72nd Cup in its rich history.

And what is a fact is that Boca Juniors has 300,000 fans who pay membership fees, which is certainly a world record when it comes to the number of supporters of one club.

The club certainly wants to increase this number, and they even sent an email to request to enter the Guinness World Records.

“That is our idea: to try to enter the Guinness World Records as the club with the largest number of fans with paid membership fees.” I know we are close “, said the club’s manager Alejandro Cosentino.

The club currently has nine membership categories and it also has loyal fans outside Argentina, from where it is possible to become a member of the club.

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