AGUERO AVOIDED THE BIG TRAGEDY: Barcelona announced the condition of their player! (PHOTO)

The Barcelona footballer, Sergio Aguero, felt discomfort in his chest during the match against Alaves, which forced him to stop the match too early.

The Argentine striker grabbed his chest in the 38th minute, unable to catch his breath, and he then ended up on the pitch.

Fortunately, there was no fatal outcome, and just three minutes later Sergio managed to leave the field on his feet.

The morning after that, Barcelona called and confirmed that Sergio was not feeling well.

“Aguero felt discomfort in his chest and was admitted to hospital for a heart examination,” the statement said.

A similar situation happened at the European Championships last summer when Christian Eriksen ended up on the grass and his life was in danger.

We hope that in the future there will be no such scenes on lawns around the world …

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