Organizing the World Cup in Qatar will cost 200 billion $!

The cost of organizing the World Cup in Qatar will amount to 200 billion dollars, making it the most expensive football tournament of all time.

The construction of the stadium and the metro line connecting the football arenas cost around 36 billion dollars, and in addition to all that, many highways, hotels, and halls were built, and Hamad Airport was also renovated… So, Qatar, a country of 2.8 million inhabitants and one of the richest countries in the world, breaks all records in the organization of the World Cup!

That is about 20 times more than the price of the previous World Cup, which was played all over Russia four years ago.

The organizers of the tournament expect more than a million fans from abroad and earnings of around 20 billion dollars.

Costs of organizing previous World Championships:
WC Russia 2018: 11.6 billion

WC Brazil 2014-2015: 15 billion

WC in South Africa 2010: 3.6 billion

WC Germany 2006: 4.3 billion

WC Japan/South Korea 2002: 7 billion

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