Korea Table Tennis Association hosts umpire workshop ahead of WTTC 2023

Umpires gain valuable insights on Para Table Tennis and sports morality

Table Tennis umpires gathered together at a recent workshop hosted by the Korea Table Tennis Association (KTTA), where they received personal insights from current umpires and gained valuable knowledge on various topics, such as Para Table Tennis regulations and sports morality. The event also featured a presentation by ITTF URC member Young Sam Ma, who shared insights on Korea’s permanent umpire system.

The KTTA Vice President, Kim Taek-Su, expressed his commitment to ensuring the welfare and working conditions of the umpires, providing assurances on quality accommodations and improved allowances during the upcoming WTTC event next year. This workshop exemplifies the importance of capacity-building programs in elevating the standards and quality of a host country’s sport, while also generating greater interest in the sport.

As the world eagerly anticipates the WTTC, scheduled to take place in Durban from 20 to 28 May, the table tennis community is excited to see the sport reach new heights both in the host country and around the globe. With the continued support of organizations like the KTTA, table tennis is sure to maintain its position as one of the most exciting and dynamic sports in the world.

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