Top Spin TT Valletta Pay Andro four points away from leaders

By Arnold Farrugia

Top Spin TT Valletta Pay Andro are only four points away from leaders HITT Academy WH Middle East in the Table Tennis league standings as they won their game against HITT Academy Mosta Dome B & B 4- 3. It was not an easy game for Top Spin with their opponents who kept believing till the end.

MITTC Butterfly who beat HITT Academy Tibhar 4-2 are third in the table, with HITT Academy Home Trends who overcame the tough challenge of Mosta Gunners to win 4-3. Alpha Calleja Ltd dominated the match against Top Spin TT Academy Valletta Pay Roxon as they saw them off 5-1. In the second division, Alpha Alberta Group are level on points with PBC Table Tennis Bluegrip in the table after winning the direct clash 4-3. Other results:

Second Division

PBC Table Tennis Bluefire – Alpha Flexxon 6-0

Topspin TT Academy Valletta Pay Fraser – Topspin TT Academy Valletta Pay Supercores 4-3

PBC Table Tennis Bluegrip – Alpha Alberta Group 3-4

HiTT Academy Legends – Topspin TT Academy Valletta Pay Novacell 5-1

HiTT Academy Evolution – HiTT Academy ITX 3-4

MITTC Butterfly Super Chak – HiTT Academy Valletta 4-2

Third Division

HiTT Academy Knight – Alpha Codexx 4-2

Topspin TT Academy Valletta Pay Munro – HiTT Academy Sports Experience 0-6

HiTT Academy Masters – MITTC Butterfly Tenergy 4-2

Topspin TT Academy Omegaed – Alpha Sensus 0-6

Fourth Division – Promotion Group

Sharp Shot Academy Petrolea – Sharp Shot Academy Playmobil 1-5

Sharp Shot Academy XIOM- Sharp Shot Academy Flick 5-1

Alpha Youths – Alpha Firebolt 0-6

Topspin TT Academy Kanter – PBC Table Tennis Bluestorm 2-4

Fourth Division – Placing Group

HiTT Academy Faraxa – MITTC Butterfly ZLC 3-4

Topspin TT Academy Beta – MITTC Butterfly Mizuno 4-2

Sharp Shot Academy Novus – HiTT Academy Midea 3-4

Alpha Nexxus – HiTT Academy Kyte Consultants 0-6

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