Royal Malta Yacht Club invests in an enhanced sailing school experience with acquisition of RS Quests

The Royal Malta Yacht Club (RMYC) marked a significant advancement in its commitment to offer the best possible sailing education within the community. In a strategic move to elevate its sailing school offerings, the RMYC has acquired a fleet RS Quests.

The RS Quest, renowned for its versatility, durability, and ease of handling, represents a substantial enhancement to the RMYC’s existing training infrastructure. The RS Quest is a modern training dinghy which is big enough for an instructor and up to 3 sailors.   With a focus on providing comprehensive and accessible sailing instruction, this investment underscores the Club’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of sailors and enthusiasts.

The introduction of these boats was spearheaded by Club Committee member Alex Denisuic, who has extensive experience in both local and international regattas and has seen first hand the benefits of offering coaching on such boats.   

The RMYC and its Sailing School continuously seek avenues to enrich the sailing experience for our members and the broader community,” remarked RMYC Committee Member Alexandr Denisiuc. “The acquisition of RS Quests aligns perfectly with our mission to promote seamanship and maritime skills while ensuring that individuals of all ages and skill levels have the opportunity to engage with the sport. We take the opportunity to thank Gauci Borda for their support in procuring these boats

The subsequent procurement of these boats was made possible through the support of Gauci Borda, a local prominent chandlery, which played a pivotal role in facilitating the purchase process.

“”Gauci Borda is proud to support the Royal Malta Yacht Club in their acquisition of RS Quest boats. The support given stems from the long standing relationship we have with the Royal Malta Yacht Club and in our belief  in fostering the growth of sailing and water sports within our community” – Gauci Borda

Having RS Quests in its fleet will enable the RMYC Sailing School to offer a diverse range of programmes tailored to beginners, intermediate sailors, and advanced enthusiasts. From introductory courses to specialized training sessions, participants can expect hands-on learning experiences facilitated by certified instructors within a safe and supportive environment.

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