Paul Galea Third at Vincennes race track in France

By Arnold Farrugia

Paul Galea had an excellent performance in this year’s edition of the Prix des Rencontres Internationals du Trotteur Francais organised by LeTrot at Vincennes race track in Paris, France. The French association keeps to its yearly commitment of calling in drivers from 12 associated countries to participate in this race at what is easily considered as the temple of trotting.

Paul Galea was driving horse number 14 Flambeur du Digeon who started in the second row behind the autostart and drove an excellent race finishing third. After a regular start that saw him occupy the back positions in the race, Paul Galea took the back of an advancing horse in the third lane to try to approach the race leaders with over 1400 meters to go. All was going very well for him before the horse in front of him stopped advancing with Paul Galea and Flambeur du Digeon losing ranks to end up back in the last places with 700 meters to go. Paul Galea patiently led his horse in the last curve and then asked for one last effort of his horse in the final 300 meters of the race. Flamebeur du Digeon responded very well and stormed up the final straight with an excellent finish that saw him move up from 11th spot to 3rd place in the final straight.

The Prix des Rencontres Internationals du Trotteur Francais, was for the second consecutive year won by French representative Eric Raffin, on Forsica du Rocher, whilst German driver Michael Nimczyk finished second on Gassman d’Essa. Paul Galea was confirmed third. The race was followed by a presentation and interviews with the first three finishing drivers during an event organised for the participants.

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