IOC, WADA and CIFP condemn ‘Enhanced Games’

The International Fair Play Committee (CIFP) has expressed its full support for the joint statement issued by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) condemning the possible introduction of the so-called ‘Enhanced Games’.

“We agree with these organizations that such an event would be devoid of any fair play and sportsmanship. Moreover, they represent a potentially catastrophic healthcare risk to its participants as athletes and their collaborators will inevitably try to push beyond healthy limits.”

Dr Jenő Kamuti, President of the International Fair Play Committee and former member of the IOC Medical Commission, said: “We are all aware of the inequity in terms of access to technology, including its use in developing illegal enhancement drugs. Doping is not fair play to ourselves and to our opponents.”

“We urge the organizers and backers of such an event to – instead – bring their organizational and financial prowess to the Olympic Movement for a dialogue that would create an even more level-playing field for all athletes around the world, with the use of enhanced technology.” 

The International Fair Play Committee was created in 1963, and sits within both the Olympic and UN system, as a recognized organization by the International Olympic Committee and UNESCO. Its mission is to promote fair play values through sport by recognizing significant acts and efforts of sportsmanship, and with educational efforts aimed at the youth.

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