Ħal Far raceway to be upgraded

The Malta Planning Authority gave the green light to the Malta Motorsport Federation for the upgrading of the Malta Drag Racing Association Raceway in Hal Far.

This means that the control tower and the start will be moving 60m back to achieve the full length as per international standards, upgrading of the safety walls along both sides of track to increase safety of drivers, and the introduction of safety fencing and better seating for spectators.

A new modern fully equipped tower, with an international standard motorsport control room including a media room and other facilities, a fully equipped area for scrutineering, club facilities, areas for drivers briefing, and proper storage for equipment and materials, and new timing equipment and displays.

The project includes showers, sanitation facilities, and proper water and electricity supplies in the paddock.

The facility will have all the necessities to organise events of FIA level, will be FIA homologated and the best drag racing facility in the Mediterranean.

Jonathan Bruno, Secretary of the Malta Motorsport Federation, said that today, the Hal Far Motorsport Hub, which will incorporate The Drag Racing Strip, the Karting track, and the circuit, started a new phase. Preparatory work on the Karting track and the new circuit is also progressing with good momentum

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