All semi-finalists of the World Cup in Qatar are known – France beat England 2:1 – Giroud scored the match, Kane missed the penalty

The European classic in the Middle East went to the current world champion who is two steps away from defending the “Golden Goddess”! For the first time in its history, when it comes to World Cup matches, France beat England, it was 2:1! In a match that met the expectations of football connoisseurs, the “tricolors” took the initial advantage with a bomb from Chuameni, but Kane equalized from the penalty spot.

Giroud then launched the French into a new advantage, Kane had another penalty in the 80th minute, he missed, the fourth time in his career when it comes to penalties in the “Proud Albion” jersey.

France will play against Morocco in the semi-finals!

It is interesting that in Qatar, more precisely in Al Kor, we watched the most expensive sports match ever! In other words, the meeting between France and England is a duel between the most valuable teams, “Gordi Albion” is slightly more expensive at exactly one and a half billion euros, and “Galski Roosters” at 1,460,000,000.


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