Paul Merson casts doubt on Liverpool's Champions League hopes against Real Madrid

Former Arsenal player questions Liverpool’s chances of a comeback after their recent defeat to Bournemouth and praises Tottenham and Chelsea’s recent form in the Premier League.

Former Arsenal player and football pundit, Paul Merson, has cast doubt on Liverpool’s chances of making progress in the Champions League against Real Madrid. Merson believes that Liverpool’s recent performance against Bournemouth is a sign that they will struggle to overcome the defending champions, who they need to beat by three goals to progress. While he acknowledges that Barcelona pulled off a similar comeback against PSG in the past, Merson emphasizes that Liverpool face the daunting task of achieving this feat away from home.

Merson goes on to praise the competitiveness of the Premier League, highlighting how even the bottom teams can occasionally triumph over the top teams. He also notes the recent success of Tottenham and Chelsea, who have both secured victories in their recent matches. Chelsea, in particular, has caught Merson’s attention, with their impressive wins against Leeds, Dortmund, and Leicester. He describes them as a “dangerous animal,” with a talented squad that has the potential to go far in the Champions League if the draw is favorable. Overall, Merson’s analysis provides a thought-provoking insight into the current state of the Premier League and the challenges that Liverpool and other teams face in the Champions League.

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