Celebrating student success and our 18th year anniversary

Recently a group of students who are training at the Malta Self-Defence Academy had the opportunity to participate in several examinations (gradings) in the Dragon Mon Lung Kung fu, which is a martial art.

These examinations were held under the guidance of Sifu Mark Spiteri, who is the main teacher and founder of this academy. Sifu Spiteri said,  “It is very encouraging when seeing the dedication of our students. Their success is a proof of hard training and perseverance along the last months.”

The students were examined for theory and practice in this martial art and showed the effective use of arms, feet, exhibiting choreographic forms (known as Taolu), defence against aggressors and showed the knowledge of vital points in the human’s body.

The following students successfully acquired their sashes:

Yellow sash: Tariq Elmabhouh , Duane Borg, Jan Carlo Brincat

Orange sash: Mariah M Vella, Benjamin Mallia , Jacques Borg

Green Sash: Monique Lia

Blue sash – Nicole Zahra , Saviour Sciberras

During this month, the Malta Self-Defence Academy is also celebrating the 18th anniversary from its opening. Along the years, this academy kept an important role in the promotion of Kung fuand Self Defence in the Maltese community through various activities. Also, several students discovered how one can perfection on both the physical and mental aspect of training in martial arts.

The Mon Lung  Kung fu style was introduced in Malta by Sifu Charles Gaffiero in 1968 and the Malta Self-Defence Academy continued to teach this style for the last 18 years. The academy embraced the modern advances in self-defence together with the traditional style based on years of experience in such training.

The academy is accepting new students that would like ti start practicing Martial Arts and the lessons are open for all ages (both children and adults).

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