Attrans Ltd in a collaboration with Pembroke Athleta

ATTRANS LIMITED, a leading international transport company based in Maltaand PEMBROKE ATHLETA ATHLETICS & TRIATHLON CLUB (P.A.A.T.)  have today put pen to paper to extend their long standing collaboration for another 3 year term until the end of Year 2026.

This collaboration between the two parties will have been on for more than a decade whereby the support by the Transport Goup has helped the biggest club in local athletics strengthen it’s position and implement a comprehensive Sports Development Programme, which programme is now in it’s 6th Year and has significantly contributed to the further development of the capabilities of the Club’s Member Athletes.

On the other hand, given the fact that Pembroke Athleta have since 2018 been  Members of the European Atheltics Promotion (EAP) Circuit), the collaboration serves in giving  Attrans International Group, not only local, but additional international exposure through it’s members’ participation around the circuit, as well as through the organising of the only International Track & Field Meeting held in Malta.

When addressing the media, Club President Mr. Victor Camilleri said, “the club continues to grow and exploit new opportunities which contribute towards raising the standards of both our operations and of the technical capabilities of our athletes. In this regard support from our sponsors is precious”.

“The extension of this sponsorship will play a crucial role in supporting our athletes as they prepare for international competitions. We appreciate that Attrans understands the dedication and hard work required for elite athletes to represent their country on the global stage, and this sponsorship will help to facilitate their training and preparation”.

The club looks forward to the next three years of collaboration and the opportunities it will bring for athletes to reach new heights in their sporting endeavors.

“P.A.A.T.  wish to sincerely thank ATTRANS for it’s continuous support in the past and future collaborations”.

Attrans Sales & Business Development Manager Mr. Kevin Filletti said “This renewed commitment reflects Attrans’s dedication to supporting the local community, promoting a healthy lifestyle among its employees, and fostering respect for athletes”.

“Attrans is thrilled to extend its partnership with PAAT for another three years. We believe in the transformative power of sports and are committed to supporting initiatives that promote health, fitness and community engagement, as well as other initiatives that provide the means for the more talented athletes to develop further”

“One of the key objectives of this sponsorship is to provide continuous support to athletes across all age groups, from young talents to senior competitors. Attrans recognizes the importance of nurturing athletic potential from an early age and is committed to creating opportunities for athletes to excel and pursue their passion for running. And in P.A.A.T. we find the perfect environment.”

Upon signing of the agreement, Pembroke Athleta revealed the proposed designs for the New Club Logo and the Club Kits for 2024 to 2026.

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