Assikura Gold Championship the first Final of the season

It was in 2007 when a new collaboration between Assikura Insurance Brokers and local horse racing was undertaken in the form of a Condition Race but in 2010 a new championship was initiated and this has since been organised every year even during the very difficult times of the pandemic. This means that this year the Assikura Championship is celebrating its 15 year anniversary and as always is one very much anticipated by horse owners as it opens the championship season in the local horse racing calendar.

Present for the press conference which was held at the Malta Equidrome in order to assist with the draws of this year’s final were Malta Equidrome’s Chief Executive Dr Matthew Brincat, Malta Racing Club’s Vice Chairman Mr Anthony Demanuele and the Chief Operations Officer from Assikura Insurance Brokers Ms Lucienne Cini.

Ms Cini stated that in these recent years Assikura Insurance Brokers’ support to the local sports community has increased considerably in a way that they are backing four different sport disciplines including horse racing. The company believes wholeheartedly in the benefits that sport gives to the community and also they are aware that horse racing is one of the most popular local sports.

Dr Matthew Brincat thanked Assikura for being there for horse racing year after year and also for increasing their collaboration when last year they started a new competition with the Assikura Speed Race.

On behalf of the Malta Racing Club, Mr Anthony Demanuele addressed the owners and drivers reminding them of their obligations to follow the rules in order to ensure a spectacle which can be enjoyed and appreciated by everyone.

This year’s edition saw a total of 72 horses racing in six heats on 4th February from which 36 horses went on to contest the three semi finals on 18th February. The Assikura Gold Championship final will be raced on Sunday 3rd March and a total of €3200 will be assigned in prize money as well as trophies for the first four finishers. The winning horse will also receive a commemorative blanket.

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