Leah's Bar win direct encounter to climb top in the table

Leah’s Bar B won  the top of the table clash of the MDA Third Division League as they beat Żejtun Laċċi Maypole 6-2. Leah’s Bar established a 3-0 advantage at the beginning of the encounter and even though Żejtun Laċċi reduced the score twice, their opponents were concentrated in order to take the three points that helped them to climb first in the standings.  Birġu Boċċi Club B strengthened the third place in the table after beating Domus Ladies 5-3. Nicolo Isouard dominated the match against Sliema Club Lounge B so much so that they won 7-1 while Munchies Bar saw off Ta’ Ġilju Mqabba 6-2.

Standings– MDA Third Division

Leah’s Bar B  16, Żejtun Laċċi Maypole 15, Birgu Boċċi B 14, Munchies 9, Mqabba Tal-Ġilju, Tal-Balklor, Nicolo Isouard 7, Domus Ladies 3, Sliema Lounge B 0

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