Enrico Scerri and Kirsten Aquilina qualify for main round

Enrico Scerri and Kirsten Aquilina are the first two players who qualified for the main round of the Premier League of Darts as they managed to eliminate their respective opponents.

Scerri saw off Charles Cauchi 3-0, Lilo Sciascia 3-2, Albert Scerri 3-1 and Kevin Spiteri 3-2 while Aquilina won 3-0 against Mario Farrugia, 3-0 against Brian Abela and 3-1 against George Ebejer. In the decisive match he also eliminated Stephen Grima 3-0.

In the coming four Wednesday more preliminary rounds will be held at the Saint Caetan Band Club in Ħamrun to determine the 10 finalists of this prestigious competition. 

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