Maltese youths end commitments in Bridlington after reaching the Semi Finals

The Maltese national youth teams ended their adventure in the Nations Cup 2024 in Bridlington as they were eliminated in the semi-finals of this competition.

The under-18 team reached the last four of the tournament but were defeated by Scotland A 13-11 in a game in which the Maltese held tight against stronger opposition. On the other hand, lady luck was with the Scots as they managed to win this match.

Earlier in the group stage, the Maltese won 21-4 against Scotland B while they lost 15-10 against England B.

Even the under 23 team reached the semi-finals although they were eliminated by England A 13-8. Even here the Maltese kept up with the opponents for most of the time although the last frames were decisive for the English.

Earlier in the morning matches the Maltese had a great victory of 20-5 against South Africa while they lost 19-6 against England A.

All in all, the young Maltese had good performances with the experience in Bridlington which will serve them well for the world competition which will be held in Malta towards the end of this year.

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