Maltese National Blackball teams arrive in Bridlington

The Maltese national blackball teams have just arrived in Bridlington to take part in the Nations Cup 2024. In total there are six national teams that will be participating in different categories although in the first 12 days the competition is reserved for the senior teams with the youngsters coming into action later this month.

The Men’s A team is made up of Johan Attard, Claudio Cassar, Leon Azzopardi, Clint Azzopardi, Mevrick Zammit, Miguel Amato and Scott Micallef with the coach being Clevion Micallef,The Men’s B team is composed of Wayne Pace, Miguel Mizzi, Darren Schembri, Alessio Magro, Lydan Debono, Philip Coleiro, Lee Ryan Darmanin and Clayton Castaldi coached by Philip Gatt.The over 40 team is managed by Malcolm Parnis and the players who will participate are Rudolph Gellel, Antoine Schembri, Chris Tabone, Lee Grima, Joseph Tabone and Kevin Schembri.Finally the over 50 team is led by Christopher Busuttil with the team having Jason Mangion, Jesmond Schembri, Antoine Aquilina, Michel Curmi, Johan Grixti and Conrad Catania.Today the Maltese teams will be in action from half past eleven local time with these matches:

11:30 – Malta Men’s B vs Wales B2

13:45 – Malta Seniors vs Northern Ireland

13:45 – Malta Masters vs Awstralja

16:00 – Malta Men’s B vs Northern Ireland B

18:15 – Malta Men’s A vs Giblartar

18:15 – Malta Seniors vs South Africa

20:30 – Malta Masters vs Northern Ireland

22:45 – Malta Men’s A vs Northern Ireland

22:45 – Malta Men’s B vs England B

In total there will be 12 countries that will take part in this prestigious tournament with 850 players divided into 128 teams that will play in the 40 tables available in Bridlington Spa Arena which is considered as the temple of billiards on a world level.

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