Cospicua Rangers maintain consistency

Cospicua Rangers kept the first place in national Blackball league standings when they got the fourth seasonal win over Hamrun 147 B 11-2. The Cottonera side dominated this encounter with the second team of Hamrun 147 B which was given few chances to play their typical game. Valletta Breakwater are in second place after a good 11-8 win against Qormi Anici B while Hamrun 147 A are third after an 11-4 scoreline against Qormi Anici A. Jojo’s Birżebbuġa maintained their improvement with a score of 11-2 against San Ġwann Nick’s A. In the Regional league, Hamrun 147 C continued to dominate the season after a great performance against Kazin Pinto Qormi A and an 11-0 victory. The other team of Hamrun 147 D beat Selmun Bar C 11-9 while there was an absolute balance between PL Balzan A and Valletta Fossa Boys A with the final score being 10-10. The situation in group A of the Community League is a very balanced one with three teams that are in the first place of the table. In fact Qormi Anici D, Birkirkara Boċċi and San Ġwann Tiki Taka A have 12 points each after dominant performances against San Ġwann Nick’s B (11-2), Selmun Bar C (11-0) and Mrieħel Billard House (11 -1). San Ġwann Tiki Taka A beat Mrieħel Billiard House 11-1 while Juve Birkirkara B were better than PL Balzan B so much so that they won 11-4. Finally in group B, leaders San Ġwann Tiki Taka B have maximum points when they won the fifth game in a row against Taċ-Ċaċċu Qormi 11-9. Qormi Anici E and Juve Birkirkara A achieved good victories against Valletta Fossa Boys (11-5) and Domus Kids Żejtun (11-7) respectively while in a balanced game, Selmun Bar B and Qormi Anici C ended their match in a 10- 10 scoreline.

Standings– National League

Cospicua Rangers 12, Valletta Breakwater 9, Ħamrun 147 A 8, Jojo’s Birżebbuġa 7, San Ġwann Nick’s 6, Qormi Anici B, Ħamrun 147 B 5, Qormi Anici A 2.

Standings – Regional League

Ħamrun 147 C 15, Domus Kids Żejtun, PL Balzan A 8, Ħamrun 147 D 4, Selmun Bar A , Valletta Fossa Boys A 3, Każin Pinto Qormi A 0

Standings – Community League – Group A

Qormi Anici D, Birkirkara Boċċi, San Ġwann Tiki Taka A 12, Juve Birkirkara B 9, Mrieħel Billiard 7, PL Balzan B 4, San Ġwann Nick’s B 3, Selmun Bar C 0.

Standings – Community League– Group B

San Ġwann Tiki Taka B 15, Qormi Anici E, Juve Birkirkara A 10, Qormi Anici C 7, Valletta Fossa Boys B 6, Taċ-Ċaċċu , Selmun Bar B 4, Domus Kids B 1.

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