Caitlin Clark's Olympic Snub, F1 Dream Team, and Soccer Contracts.

The exclusion of Caitlin Clark from the U.S. Women’s Olympic basketball team is not just a mistake; it’s a glaring oversight that underscores a lack of strategic vision for the future of women’s basketball. I believe this decision reflects a failure to capitalize on a transformative moment.

Caitlin Clark has been a revelation, setting viewership records and igniting a new wave of interest in women’s basketball. Her impact on the sport is undeniable. Clark has drawn unprecedented attention to a league that has historically struggled with visibility and financial stability.

Clark’s journey in the WNBA has already begun to translate her college fame into professional stardom, bringing new fans and significant media attention. This season, the league has seen growth in attendance and increased media coverage, largely due to Clark’s influence. It’s puzzling, then, that the powers that be have chosen to exclude her from the Olympic roster.

The Olympics represent the pinnacle of international sports, a global stage where athletes become household names due to the over 3 Billion viewers globally.

For many outside the U.S., women’s basketball remains a very small niche interest, overshadowed by other sports like soccer. Including Clark in the Olympic team would have been an opportunity to introduce her story to a worldwide audience, significantly enhancing the profile of the sport on a global scale. Just as the Olympics and Women’s World Cup were major reasons why people outside of the US learned who Alex Morgan was.

In the U.S., Caitlin Clark is already a sensation, but her fame hasn’t yet crossed many borders. The Olympics could have changed that, allowing her to showcase her talent to millions of new fans. This exposure would have had a ripple effect, drawing more attention to the WNBA and helping to grow the sport internationally.

By leaving her off the team, the decision-makers missed a chance to leverage her popularity for the greater good of women’s basketball.

As Colin Cowherd aptly put it,

“Life gives you few big waves. When they do, grab your surfboard.”

Caitlin Clark is one of those big waves for women’s basketball, and by not including her in the Olympic team, the decision-makers have missed an invaluable opportunity. It’s not just about Clark; it’s about what she represents and the potential she has to elevate the entire sport.

The decision to leave Caitlin Clark off the Olympic roster, is a short-sighted one that overlooks the bigger picture of basketball’s growth and potential for women.

Clark’s influence could have transcended borders, bringing new fans and greater economic opportunities to women’s basketball. This snub isn’t just a loss for Caitlin Clark; it’s a loss for the sport as a whole.

A sport that’s trying to grow and compete for attention, and the dollars that come with it, must think and act a little differently to maximize opportunities.

According to reports, the rationale for excluding Caitlin Clark is that she is relatively new and hasn’t had sufficient time to integrate with the team and learn the system. While one may understand and acknowledge these points, they fall short in this context. Given that the U.S. Women’s team has won every Olympic gold since 1996, one would assume that they can take a small risk for the potentially massive benefits Clark’s inclusion would bring.

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