In an electrifying turn of events at Mundobasket, Brazil pulled off a remarkable victory over Canada, securing a 69:65 win and propelling themselves into contention for the quarterfinals.

The standout performer for Brazil was none other than Jago Mateus, the new addition to Red Star’s roster. Mateus played a pivotal role in securing the victory, contributing four crucial points in the dying moments of the game. He finished with an impressive stat line of 8 points and an astonishing 10 assists.

Caboclo emerged as the top scorer for Brazil, amassing 18 points and grabbing 13 rebounds. For Canada, Shay Giljus-Alexander led the charge with 23 points, while Dort chipped in with 17 points.

With this stunning triumph, Brazil has kept their hopes alive, setting the stage for a thrilling final round. Remarkably, all four teams in this group now stand at 3:1, leaving Brazil to face Latvia and Canada to take on Spain in the upcoming matches. The suspense and drama are sure to reach a fever pitch as these teams battle it out for a coveted spot in the quarterfinals.


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