OFFICIAL: Serbia on its feet - Jokic is back in the national team!

What was speculated in the previous days and what the entire domestic public expected, has now been officially confirmed! Nikola Jokic is back in the Serbian national team!

We got a hint of everything yesterday when Jokic’s manager Misko Raznatovic published a tweet in which he congratulated Jokic on the NBA MVP title, but in the “eagles” jersey.

It turned out that Raznatovic’s riddle was clear enough again that we got great news before the European Championship that awaits us…

– We regularly talk to all candidates, we follow their games, as well as various situations in which they are at the end of a very demanding club season. The situation regarding the first two matches that await us is especially complex, against Latvia and Belgium, and mutual understanding and patience are very important here. What is certain is that NBA players have a limit when it comes to the maximum number of days they can spend with the national team during one summer. In accordance with these restrictions, participation in representative actions related to the European Championship, ie the qualification window in August, was confirmed by Nikola Jokic, who will be with the national team from the first day when NBA rules allow it – revealed the national team director Dragan Tarlac.

The once legendary basketball player confirmed that we will not be able to count on Bogdan Bogdanović, who recently underwent knee surgery, at the European Championship.

– On the other hand, the health situation of Bogdan Bogdanovic is such that it requires patience. At this moment, the most important thing is that he recovers and returns to the field in full glory, and when that will happen is not entirely certain, because estimates for today can only be approximate. We are also in regular contact with all other candidates, we monitor and discuss plans with a common goal, which is to make our national team the strongest possible at all times.

In addition to the European Championship, which will be the crown this summer (September 1-18), the first obligations of the Serbian national team will be during June and July.

First, as part of the qualifications for the World Cup, our team will play against Latvia in Riga on June 30, and on July 3, in Nis, the Serbian national team will meet the national team of Belgium.

At the end of August, a new round of qualifications for the World Cup will follow (when Jokic will also play) in the newly formed group, where Belgium, Latvia and Serbia will be joined by the teams of Great Britain, Greece and Turkey.

The center of Denver will return to the national team after a three-year break, since the last time he wore the Serbian jersey was at the Mundobasket in China, when we took the fifth place.

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