Los Angeles Lakers name JJ Redick as new head coach

On Monday, June 24th, JJ Redick assumed control of the Los Angeles Lakers and acknowledged the high pressure situation of being a first-time head coach with the expectation of winning a championship.

According to the general manager, Rob Pelinka, Redick was a top candidate for the franchise’s “Plan A” choices. Pelinka did not provide further details about the search for a coach, which included UConn’s Dan Hurley, but he did mention that the Lakers were open and honest with their eventual hire. Redick had his first meeting with the Lakers’ management in Chicago in May, and he was informed directly by Pelinka when news of Hurley’s potential candidacy emerged.

Hurley declined the Lakers’ proposal to stay at the University of Connecticut, where the Huskies will strive for a third consecutive NCAA title.

According to Redick, who is a two-time national champion, he was aware that he was considered as an alternative to Hurley’s initial plan.

According to Redick, he decided to leave the media industry and pursue a career in coaching after his interview with the Toronto Raptors last summer. He has been documenting his coaching journey in a journal, which was initially suggested by Rick Carlisle during Redick’s time playing for him in Dallas in 2021.

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Darvin Ham was let go by the Lakers after serving two seasons, and now the team faces a crucial offseason with several significant uncertainties that need to be addressed.

According to Redick, every day, their focus should be on competition. He is aware of the expectations and it is his, along with Rob and everyone else’s responsibility to create a team that can win a championship. This is what he agreed to when he signed up.

On Monday, Redick, who just celebrated his 40th birthday, stated that he will require the players’ support in order to bring his vision to life. He has already had a thorough discussion with Anthony Davis about the possibility of him being the team’s “centre” to fully utilise his skills.

During a recent podcast, Redick, who previously collaborated with James, revealed his insights on the Lakers’ plans to respect James’ decisions as he nears the June 29 deadline for his contract opt-in. Pelinka also expressed their commitment to James’ process as he approaches the final phase of his career.

According to Redick, it is important to seek LeBron’s approval and discuss his preferred playing style. They have even playfully talked about it. LeBron has achieved an impressive 40% success rate in 3-point shots this year, which is what the team wants from him.

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