Boston Celtics maintain lead against Dallas Mavericks, now at 3-0 in Finals

The Boston Celtics even though are very close to a clean sweep still are not too self assured in the NBA Finals.

The Dallas Mavericks’ potential threat was evident in the fourth quarter of Game 3, proving that they are a force to be reckoned with.

On Wednesday, the Celtics were able to secure a 106-99 win against the Mavericks, thanks to the impressive performances of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. Tatum scored 31 points while Brown added 30, ultimately holding off a late rally by the Mavericks.

With a dominant performance, Boston has moved closer to their 18th franchise title by securing a 3-0 lead in the series. The Celtics will have the opportunity to clinch the sweep on Friday as they face the Mavericks in Dallas for Game 4.

According to Tatum, their team is not taking it easy or engaging in any leisure activities. Winning or the upcoming Friday is not their main focus. Their motto is to persevere, no matter how long it takes. They are determined to do whatever it takes, without any intentions of relaxing.

On Wednesday, Tatum had a strong performance, scoring 34 points after a relatively low total in Games 1 and 2. Brown contributed with eight rebounds and eight assists for Boston, while Derrick White also added 16 points. Unfortunately, Kristaps Porzingis, the team’s big man, was unable to play due to a lower leg injury sustained in the third quarter of Game 2.

Similar to Tatum, Kyrie Irving compensated for his underwhelming performance in the first two games of the series by leading the Mavericks with an impressive 35 points. Luka Doncic also contributed with 27 points, six rebounds and six assists, but his chances of helping Dallas make a comeback were hindered when he fouled out with 4:12 remaining in the game.

The Mavericks disputed the foul called against Doncic, but the decision was upheld, resulting in his removal from the game. Doncic accumulated four out of his total six fouls in the final quarter.

According to him, we were unable to engage in physical play. He did not want to make any specific comments. In the NBA Finals, I received six fouls, which left me feeling helpless and unable to contribute. I expected more from myself.

The Celtics seemed to have secured the win when White scored a 3-pointer at the 11:07 mark in the fourth quarter, giving them a 91-70 lead.

However, Dallas proceeded to seize control, scoring 28 out of the following 37 points and narrowing the gap to 100-98 with 1:20 remaining on a powerful slam dunk by Dereck Lively II.

According to Celtics coach Joe Mazzulla, it was expected that the opposing team would make a comeback in the third quarter with a 19-point lead. The nature of their shots indicated that they would make a push, which ultimately affected our own offense.

It appeared that we overlooked a few opportunities where the coverage and matchups were altered for three or four possessions in a row. As a result, we were unable to make the proper read to take the best shot.

Brown ensured that Boston maintained their lead over the Mavericks, with his shot from the top of the key extending the advantage to four points with just 1:01 left on the clock. Despite attempts from P.J. Washington and Irving to score from beyond the arc, the team was unable to catch up. White and Tatum sealed the win with four free throws in the final moments of the game.

The Mavericks were brought within 71-65 by Doncic’s layup with 5:11 remaining in the third quarter. In response, the Celtics went on a 7-0 run and ultimately ended the quarter with an 85-70 advantage.

In the first 12 minutes, Dallas took a 13-point lead, but after that, the lead changed hands six times in the second quarter and neither team was able to gain more than a four-point lead. At halftime, the Mavericks were barely holding on to their lead of 51-50, with Irving scoring 20 points in the first half.

In the game, Boston had a shooting percentage of 46.3% while Dallas had a percentage of 44.2%. Additionally, the Celtics maintained their perfect record of 7-0 on the road in the playoffs and extended their overall winning streak to 10 games.

The Mavericks will require an extraordinary performance to recover from their deficit in the Finals. According to statistics, teams with a 3-0 lead in NBA series have a flawless record of 156 wins and 0 losses.

According to Doncic, the game is not over until it’s truly over. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining belief and reminds the team that it’s a race to four wins. He also stresses the importance of staying united, whether they win or lose.

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