MALONE SATISFIED: Jokic and Murray play for each other, this is how champions behave

Denver Nuggets basketball coach Mike Malone is satisfied after his team’s victory in Florida against Miami 109:94 in the third game of the NBA final series, after which they took a 2:1 lead.

After the match, Malone points out that the Nuggets corrected themselves after the loss in the second game in which they made mistakes in the last quarter.

“In the first two games of the series, Miami was better than us in the last quarter. Tonight we won in the last period, so we won the match as well”, said Michael Malone after the match.

The coach of the team from Colorado had no objections to the play of his players, and he is especially pleased with the dominance of his players in the racket in this match.

“This was by far our best game so far in the series, but not because of triple-doubles and individual statistics. We scored 60 points in the racket and were significantly better than our opponents in the jump. That helped us tonight – defense and rebounding at a high level,” said the Denver coach.

Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray each recorded a triple-double performance, and when it comes to the two best basketball players of Denver Malone, their statistics are not surprising.

“Many players play with each other, and Nikola and Jamal play for each other. As for Nikola, nothing he does surprises me anymore. He proves again and again that he is ready for moments like this, that he plays best when he is on the biggest stage, and he proved that in this match as well. I am also very proud of Jamal. I’ve talked to him a lot in the last 48 hours and I know he took a lot of the blame for the loss in the second game of the series, but it wasn’t all his fault. It was my fault and that of the whole team. But that’s how champions and warriors behave – they come back after a defeat,” said the Denver coach.

The next match between Denver and Miami is scheduled for the night between Friday and Saturday at 2:30 CET.

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