Lithuania defeated the USA and set a quarter-final with Serbia

The USA basketball team was defeated by Lithuania (104:110) in the last round of Group J at Mundobasket.

In the direct clash for the first place in the group, which brings a duel with Serbia in the quarter-finals, the Baltic selection celebrated, so the Eagles will try to enter the fight for a medal against the Lithuanians (September 5).

After a great game in the first half, Lithuania had a big +17 against the first favorite for the gold (54:37), and then the Americans responded, primarily on the wings of the individual quality of Anthony Edwards.

The advantage of the Lithuanians was melting, towards the end of the third part it amounted to only four points, but the Baltic selection restored the double-digit lead again with a series at the start of the last quarter (77:67).

Five minutes before the end, the USA reached -4 again, but Kuzminskas scored +9 for Lithuania (94:85) with an incredible three-pointer from an unlikely situation at 3:50 before the end of the game.

The Americans tried to direct another comeback, but they did not have the strength for it.

Thus, the USA suffered its first defeat at the Mundobakset, and because of this, they will go to the quarterfinals from the second place in the group, which brought them a duel with Italy.

The most efficient players in Lithuania were Kariniauskas with 14, Valanciunas with 14, Kuzminskas with 14, Brezdaiki with 11, Sedkereskis with 10, Bendžius with 10 points. In the USA, Edwards scored 35, Branson 14, Bridges 12 points.

Edwards’ great individual game (35 points) was accompanied by Michael Bridges and Jalen Branson with 14 each, and Brandon Ingram with 10 points.

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