Jefferson on LeBron: He didn't do enough to become a Lakers legend

Richard Jefferson, a former NBA basketball player, commented on LeBron James and his status in the Los Angeles Lakers.

Namely, during his career, Jefferson was LeBron’s teammate in Cleveland, and he does not view his contribution to the Lakers as overly successful.

“LeBron hasn’t done enough as a Lakers player to become a Lakers legend, yet. This was his fourth season, right? He’s been there for four seasons, and two of them didn’t even make the playoffs. One year they lost in the first round, and one year they won the title,” said Jefferson.

During the previous season, LeBron at the age of 37 averaged 30 points, and his team looked very bad.

“If you look realistically, he has not proven himself at a consistent level. You can win a title, that’s great, but the good part about the character and work of LeBron James is that he constantly shows his greatness. And not only that one year it’s rubbish, and the next it’s great. He has always been constant, but not in the Lakers”.

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