Jago dos Santos Seals Derby Win for Red Star: A Hero's Last-Minute Triumph!

The standout performer in the victory against Partizan, Jago dos Santos, shared his thoughts after the thrilling “eternal derby” in the 18th round of the ABA League. The Brazilian endeared himself to the red and white fans by scoring a decisive goal just four seconds before the end, securing the final triumph for Red Star Meridianbet.

“I am very happy, first of all, because it is a derby. I love these moments. Another reason is that I played against Bruno and I beat him. He’s paying for my dinner again. This is important for the team, the club, and the fans,” expressed Jago dos Santos.

Reflecting on the critical moments leading to his decisive basket, he shared the mindset he embraced in those final seconds.

“I do not know. I took the ball and ran, and everyone ran. I do not know. I love those moments because I think they decide whether you are a good player or a great player. We played at home and in front of our fans. I had confidence in the last shot and found a good option. I like it when the fans chant my name; it gives me more confidence. It’s good for everyone,” explained the Brazilian.

Dos Santos went on to disclose the exchange with Partizan’s center and his close friend Bruno Caboclo after the conclusion of the derby.

“I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, but he told me that I’m a f***. I answered him that he knows very well that the last shot was my shot and that if he had been on the field, it would have been better for Partizan,” concluded Jago dos Santos.

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