Dimitris Itoudis, coach of Greece, spoke at the press conference about expectations at Mundobasket.

During the summer, Greece faced major problems with the squad, due to injuries and dismissals. They played their first match at the World Championship against Jordan.

“It is a big thing for Greece that it is back in a big competition. We are not here just to participate, we want to be competitive. This means that you have to fight with yourself, have high goals and play outside your comfort zone. We are in exactly such a situation. This is a great opportunity to see how much we can fight.” Itoudis said.

He also referred to the team he has at the moment.

“Today was our 20th training session, and with so many training sessions, you can’t get what you want. I think we are on the right track to understand what kind of quality we have. The players who are here deserve to be among the 12. When you have players who for various reasons will not respond, it opens the door for other basketball players. For some, this will be a great experience. We’ll see how much we can do.” he concluded.


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