Hernangomez: There is a picture of a horse in the background of his phone

It is very well known that the Serbian center Jokic is a great lover of horses, and now Hernangomez has described it even more closely.

Utah basketball player Jazz Juancho made a great friendship with Nikola Jokic at the beginning of his NBA career, after spending the first three and a half seasons in the Nuggets.

Namely, Hernangomez now talked about Jokic’s love for horses.

“I think Jokic is my best friend in the NBA, he is a character who loves basketball a lot. But what he loves most in the world, more than anything else are his horses. I think he loves them more than his wife. The last time I saw him, he had a picture of a horse on his phone. Now he has a daughter, so maybe he changed. I hope he posted a picture of a horse with his wife and daughter, “said the Spaniard, adding:

“We just heard from him yesterday and he told me here I am in Italy, I’m buying some horses. He adores them, he told me to get up at 5 in the morning, to sing to them, comb them, to clean them. It’s true. He is a completely normal character, he loves being there on his farm in Sombor “, concluded Hernangomez

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