DONČIĆ: Brooks is excellent

The best player of Slovenia, Luka Dončić, was depressed after the defeat in the Mundobasket quarterfinals against the Canadian team

With 26 points, Luka Dončić was the most effective in his selection, but that was not enough to place among the four best teams.

“Congratulations to Canada, they played great and physically. They have one of the best in the world, Shai, and he’s too hard to guard.” said Luke.

Dallas Mavericks basketball player Parker left after being suspended for frequently complaining about referees’ decisions.

“Everyone knows why I’m so frustrated. When I play for the national team, there are a lot of emotions involved. I don’t control myself in most cases, but the trial was not fair. The referee said he wasn’t going to call a foul on Brooks because he was going to go after him. It is not fair.” he revealed, then added:

“I know, I protest a lot. They played very physical against me. Brooks played great. A lot of people don’t like him, but I respect him for what he does and he does it very well.” concluded Dončić.

Slovenia is still fighting for the 5th to 8th place, while Canada will play against Serbia in the semi-finals on Friday.

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