CAMPAZZO ON RETURN TO MADRID: My mother was happy, I'm calmer after the season at Red Star Meridianbet!

The recent Red Star Meridianbet basketball player Facundo Campazzo, after his return to Real Madrid, in an interview for the Spanish “Marca” pointed out that his return came at the right time.

Last season, the Argentinian was the best basketball player of Red Star Meridianbet, and after his return to Madrid, he points out that he is motivated for new successes with the current European champions.

“I think I arrived when I should have arrived. What is given to you is given to you at the right time. I wanted to try to play another season in the NBA, and it happened that I was “catalyzed” after a month and a half. Then I found myself in a strange situation when I returned to Europe, in the middle of the season, when the teams had already completed their rosters, it was difficult…

There were offers, but then everything was already complicated. Now, after the season in Red Star Meridianbet I am calmer. I was able to negotiate with Real and I’m happy that I was able to return to a place that feels like my home. I am very motivated and ready for everything that awaits us”, said Campazzo.

“Marca” journalist reminded the Campazzo of the conversation the Argentine had with his mother before leaving for Denver – then she told him not to leave Madrid because everyone there loves him.

“My mother was heartbroken because of the love they gave me here in Madrid and how nice I always felt here. She loves this team, club, city, country…”

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