UNIQUE CASE: Simons has lost his suitcases so far! 

The Ben Simons case is truly unique in the NBA. Maybe even in the history of basketball, since the Australian pays huge penalties to Philadelphia.

It is already known that due to disagreements with the club’s management, fans, and the public in Pennsylvania, the great playmaker does not want to play for the team at all.

The trigger was his weak games against Atlanta in last year’s playoffs when he had really horrible percentages of shots from the game. Not to mention those from the free-throw line where he was barely over 30 percent…

From there, Simons gave a very clear signal to Philadelphia that he would no longer wear their jersey. Everyone possible from the club tried to convince him differently – it was not worth it.

And then Simons only suddenly appeared in the team’s training, but he was very uninterested. He was picking up his mobile phone, for which he received a new sentence.

He hoped a strong basketball player to trade, but the Seventy-six did not get any valid package for him. Aware of what awaited him, Simons retired illegally.

And that costs him. And so much so that for every missed game he loses exactly $ 360,000! So far, it has all cost him a suitcase of money that could hold exactly $ 19,000,000!

So much is Simons ’will to never play for Philadelphia again. As he himself says, he doesn’t even think about money…

– I’m not interested in money. It’s not about that at all. People can hardly understand that. But if you believe in what you do and want to go to a better place, money is not important. It is difficult financially. However, I will endure – said the “kangaroo” national team member earlier.

It was mentioned that Simons could make way for Brooklyn for James Harden. This is how he and Philadelphia lose…

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