European Aquatics announces Belfast, Northern Ireland as host City for the European Aquatics Congress Belfast 2024

European Aquatics is delighted to unveil Belfast, Northern Ireland, as the chosen host city for the prestigious European Aquatics Congress, scheduled for Saturday, 28th September 2024.

The selection of Belfast marks a significant moment for European Aquatics as it continues to foster collaboration and innovation within the aquatics community. As an iconic destination renowned for its rich history, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality, Belfast promises to provide an inspiring backdrop for this esteemed event.

The announcement follows a successful congress last year in Funchal, Madeira, which approved the name change to European Aquatics and hosted a number of educational seminars for those in attendance.

The city of Belfast previously hosted the 5th LEN Seminar from 25th-27th November 2022, in partnership with Swim Ulster and Swim Ireland. The event was well attended, with over 80 delegates from 26 European countries taking part in the seminars and events and being shown around the city, as well as learning more about officiating at international events.

Taking place after what will be one of the busiest summer of aquatics on record, several delegates from across the continent will travel to the UK city to discuss the learnings from the events, and look ahead to the coming year.

In addition to the Congress, European Aquatics is excited to introduce the Diversity, Equality & Inclusion (DIE) Conference, scheduled to take place the day before on Friday, 27th September 2024. This complementary event underscores European Aquatics’ commitment to promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion within the aquatic sports community.

A detailed program of the Congress and DIE Conference, along with logistical information, will be shared with participants at a later stage.

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